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The Ultimate Guide to Charleston Shopping Tours: What to Expect

What to Expect: A Typical Day on a Charleston Shopping Tour

Get ready to dive into a day filled with unique finds and Southern charm on a Charleston Sip n' Shop tour. Here's the breakdown: You'll kick off your day in the heart of historic Charleston, King St at Juanita's for a margarita and chips and salsa. You will walk as your guide takes you from one hot spot to the next. You'll visit a mix of well-known retailers, local boutiques, and artisan markets where you will get discounts. These places showcase Charleston's vibrant style and creativity. The pace? It's relaxed. You're here to enjoy, not rush. Your guide knows the best spots and shares stories of the city and its craftsmanship, making each stop more than just a shopping spree. By the end of the tour, you'll have a bag full of unique finds and a deeper appreciation for Charleston's culture and community. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a spirit of adventure, and get ready to shop like never before.

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